Wisconsin Governor open to limited medical marijuana legalization proposal


If you’ve been following the recent discussions surrounding marijuana legalization in Wisconsin, you may already know that Governor Tony Evers has been a vocal supporter of recreational marijuana. However, it seems he is now open to a more limited approach. While Evers still believes in the benefits of a comprehensive marijuana legalization bill, he is willing to consider a proposal put forward by Republicans that focuses solely on medical marijuana. With 38 states already legalizing medical marijuana and 24 states legalizing recreational marijuana, Wisconsin is certainly an outlier. As neighboring states continue to relax their laws, the push for legalization in Wisconsin has gained momentum. In this article, we explore Governor Evers’ evolving stance and the potential impact of a limited medical marijuana program.

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Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers has had a somewhat evolving stance on marijuana legalization. Initially, Evers supported the idea of full legalization of recreational marijuana in the state. However, he has since expressed openness to a more limited medical marijuana legalization proposal put forward by Republicans. Evers believes that passing a comprehensive marijuana legalization bill would be more beneficial for the state. Still, he is also willing to support a more limited measure if that is what can be accomplished at the moment.

Evers’ Previous Stance

Governor Evers has been a vocal advocate for the full legalization of recreational marijuana in Wisconsin. He believes that a comprehensive marijuana legalization bill would have multiple benefits for the state. From an economic perspective, it could generate significant tax revenue and create job opportunities in the marijuana industry. Furthermore, Evers believes that legalizing marijuana could help address issues related to racial disparities in the criminal justice system, as studies have shown that people of color are disproportionately targeted and incarcerated for marijuana offenses.

However, while Evers’ preference is for full legalization, he recognizes the political realities and the possibility that a more limited medical marijuana program might be a viable starting point. He has expressed willingness to support such a measure if it is deemed necessary to make progress in the current political landscape.

Republican Proposal

Republicans in Wisconsin have been working on a medical marijuana bill and are planning to unveil it soon. The proposal is expected to be modeled after Minnesota’s medical marijuana law, which has been in place since 2014. This means that the Wisconsin bill would likely include provisions such as allowing patients with qualifying medical conditions to access marijuana for therapeutic purposes under strict regulations and oversight.

The specific details and specifics of the proposed bill are yet to be revealed. However, it is anticipated that the bill will be tailored to strike a balance between providing relief to patients who could benefit from medical marijuana and addressing concerns about potential abuse and public safety.

Evers’ Support

Governor Evers has expressed support for a limited medical marijuana program in Wisconsin. He has made it clear that he is eager to review the specific Republican bill once it is unveiled. Evers believes that allowing patients with serious medical conditions to access marijuana for therapeutic purposes is a compassionate and sensible approach. He intends to carefully consider the proposed legislation and evaluate its potential impact on the state.

While expressing support, Evers also highlights the importance of ensuring proper safeguards and regulations are in place to prevent misuse and ensure public safety. He stresses the need for responsible implementation to address concerns related to diversion, driving under the influence, and underage access.

Wisconsin’s Current Status

At present, Wisconsin stands as an outlier among states when it comes to marijuana legalization. While 38 states have legalized medical marijuana, and 24 states have legalized recreational marijuana to varying degrees, Wisconsin remains one of the few states where marijuana is illegal for both medicinal and recreational use.

This discrepancy has sparked a growing momentum for legalization within the state. Advocates and lawmakers see the shift in public opinion and the changing legal landscape across the country and believe it is time for Wisconsin to join the movement towards marijuana reform.

Neighboring State Influence

The relaxed marijuana laws in neighboring states have also played a role in shaping the marijuana legalization efforts in Wisconsin. Illinois, Wisconsin’s neighbor to the south, legalized recreational marijuana in 2020. This development has created a stark contrast between the two states and has contributed to increased pressure on Wisconsin to address its marijuana policies.

The impact of neighboring state laws goes beyond just the legal landscape. It also affects public opinion and support for marijuana reform in Wisconsin. As residents of Wisconsin witness the benefits and outcomes of marijuana legalization in nearby states, they become more open-minded and receptive to the idea of marijuana reform within their own state.


Governor Tony Evers’ shift in stance towards a more limited medical marijuana legalization proposal reflects the changing dynamics around marijuana reform in Wisconsin. While Evers originally supported full recreational legalization, he recognizes that progress may be more attainable through a phased approach.

Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers open to limited medical marijuana legalization proposal

With Republicans unveiling a medical marijuana bill and Evers expressing an open mind towards supporting it, the door is open for Wisconsin to join the majority of states in embracing marijuana reform. As neighboring states relax their marijuana laws and public support for legalization grows, it is increasingly likely that Wisconsin will follow suit, whether through a comprehensive bill or a more limited medical marijuana program.

The road to marijuana legalization in Wisconsin may not be without its challenges, but the prospect of improved medical access for patients, increased revenue for the state, and a more equitable criminal justice system makes it a cause worth pursuing. Ultimately, the decision rests in the hands of Wisconsin lawmakers who will need to carefully consider the potential benefits, risks, and implications before moving forward with any marijuana reform legislation.



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