Medical Cannabis


Medical cannabis protection for Virginia’s public sector workers

Virginia lawmakers pass bills to protect public sector employees who use medical cannabis from losing their jobs. House Bill 149 and Senate Bill 391 provide much-needed protections for firefighters, police officers, teachers, and others who use cannabis products for their conditions. Employers can still prohibit on-the-job use and take action if work is impaired. These bills do not affect federal workers. Ongoing research at Virginia Commonwealth University aims to develop a THC breathalyzer to detect cannabis impairment. Marijuana Justice supports these bills, advocating for state employees to access cannabis in their off-work time.

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Cannabis Market News

The medical cannabis market will reach $60.04 billion by 2030

Discover the immense growth potential of the medical cannabis market, projected to reach USD 60.04 billion by 2030. Learn about key players, market drivers, restraints, product types, delivery methods, medical applications, regional analysis, competitive landscape, and emerging trends. Explore the future of this booming industry and its potential impact on healthcare.

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Medical Cannabis: US Veterans In Support of Access

US veterans show support for medical cannabis access. A recent study reveals majority agreement that marijuana can be an effective treatment for various medical conditions. Psychedelics also gain significant support as a treatment option. Read more about attitudes and benefits for veterans.

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Marijuana Legalization

Ukraine to legalize medical cannabis

Ukraine legalizes medical cannabis, pioneering a significant step forward in cannabis regulation. Learn about the new law, timeline, regulatory framework, market potential, business opportunities, importation of raw materials, cultivation restrictions, prescription guidelines, and conditions for medical cannabis.

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