Tennessee Hemp Businesses Face Threat from New Rules

Tennessee hemp businesses face a threat from new rules that could make many of their products illegal. These regulations require hemp products to have less than 0.3% THC in all forms, causing concern among growers and retailers. The viability of the industry is at risk, and proposed random inspections further complicate the situation. A hearing on the proposal is scheduled, and public comments are being accepted. The regulations could have a detrimental impact on the availability and sales of hemp products in Tennessee, posing a challenge to the industry’s future.

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Marijuana Farmers and the Impact of Regulatory Confusion on Hemp

Discover the detrimental effects of regulatory confusion on hemp and marijuana farmers. Revoked licenses, inconsistent interpretations, and decreased cultivation are just a few challenges faced in this industry. The impact extends to retailers and local economies. Find out how these issues can be resolved to support the growth of both industries.

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