State Lawmakers Urged To Legalize Marijuana by PA Governor


In a recent annual budget address, Pennsylvania Governor Josh Shapiro urged state lawmakers to regulate and legalize marijuana for recreational use, emphasizing the economic benefits that would come from legalization. With neighboring states already taking the step towards legalization, Shapiro argued that it’s time for Pennsylvania to catch up and not miss out on potential tax revenue. While his budget proposal didn’t include a specific plan for cannabis legalization, it did call for a 20% tax on recreational marijuana, estimating that the state could bring in $14.8 million in tax revenue during the first year alone. Shapiro also highlighted the need for restorative justice initiatives and expungement of records for those convicted of possessing small amounts of marijuana.

Pennsylvania Governor’s Plea for Cannabis Legalization

Pennsylvania Governor Josh Shapiro is calling on state lawmakers to legalize and regulate recreational marijuana, emphasizing the need to catch up with neighboring states that have already taken this step. During his annual budget address, Governor Shapiro urged lawmakers to pass a bill that legalizes marijuana while ensuring responsible regulation and taxation of the industry.

Proposed Tax Revenue from Legalization

Although Governor Shapiro’s budget proposal does not include a specific cannabis legalization plan, it does propose a 20% tax on recreational marijuana. The plan assumes a January 2025 start date for adult-use cannabis sales and estimates that the state would bring in $14.8 million in tax revenue during the first year. The governor further expressed his expectation that Pennsylvania’s taxes on recreational marijuana would increase to approximately $250 million per year once the regulated industry is firmly established.

Importance of Regulating and Taxing the Industry

Governor Shapiro highlights the importance of regulating and taxing the recreational marijuana industry in Pennsylvania. By establishing responsible regulations, the state can ensure consumer safety, protect public health, and prevent the black market from thriving. Additionally, taxation of the industry would provide a significant revenue stream for the state, allowing for the allocation of funds towards various important initiatives.

Restorative Justice Initiatives for Marijuana Convictions

As part of his budget proposal, Governor Shapiro advocates for using some tax revenue from the regulated adult-use cannabis industry for restorative justice initiatives. These initiatives would address the inequities in the enforcement of marijuana prohibition laws and work towards rectifying the consequences faced by individuals convicted of possessing small amounts of marijuana. One specific initiative mentioned by the governor is the expungement of the records of those convicted of such offenses.

Allocation of Tax Revenue

The proposed allocation of tax revenue from the adult-use cannabis program in Pennsylvania includes funding for the Department of Agriculture and the Pennsylvania State Police. Additionally, a portion of the revenue would be directed to the state’s general fund, ensuring that it can be used for a wide range of public services and initiatives.

Public Support for Legalization

Pennsylvania Governor Calls On State Lawmakers To Legalize Weed

Governor Shapiro emphasizes that the legalization of recreational marijuana is supported by a majority of Pennsylvania voters. In fact, five out of six of the state’s neighboring states have already ended the prohibition of marijuana for adults. This widespread support indicates a growing recognition of the potential benefits of legalization, both in terms of revenue generation and the personal freedom to consume cannabis responsibly.

Praise from Cannabis Industry Leaders

Green Thumb Industries, a multistate cannabis company operating in Pennsylvania, applauds Governor Shapiro for prioritizing adult-use cannabis legalization. They express their readiness to support the people of Pennsylvania on their journey to well-being by providing access to safe and high-quality cannabis products. This endorsement from industry leaders further underscores the potential positive impact of legalization on both the economy and public health.

History of Medical Marijuana Legalization in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania legalized the medicinal use of cannabis in 2016 with the passage of the Medical Marijuana Act. The program allows patients with specified serious medical conditions to purchase and use medical marijuana. Since its inception, over 1.3 million patients have been certified as medical marijuana patients in Pennsylvania. This successful implementation of the medical program provides a foundation of knowledge and experience that can inform the regulation and taxation of the recreational market.

Bipartisan Efforts to Legalize Recreational Use

There have been bipartisan efforts in Pennsylvania to legalize adult-use cannabis. In December, Democratic Senator Sharif Street and Republican Senator Camera Bartolotta introduced legislation to legalize recreational marijuana. This bipartisan approach demonstrates the recognition of the potential benefits of legalization across party lines.

Potential Obstacles in the Pennsylvania Senate

While there is support for legalization in Pennsylvania, there may be obstacles to overcome in the Senate. Senator Kim Ward, the Senate majority leader, has stated that she will not support the legalization of recreational marijuana until the federal government ends cannabis prohibition. However, with the growing public support for legalization and the potential economic benefits, there may be opportunities to address these concerns and move forward with the legislation.

In conclusion, Pennsylvania Governor Josh Shapiro’s plea for cannabis legalization highlights the potential for significant tax revenue, the importance of regulation and taxation, the need for restorative justice initiatives, and the growing public support for legalization. The history of medical marijuana legalization in the state and the bipartisan efforts to legalize recreational use further underscore the momentum towards legalization. While there may be obstacles in the Pennsylvania Senate, the push for legalization is gaining traction and offers promising opportunities for the state.



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