Short Sellers Lose $105 Million as Cannabis Stocks Surge


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Cannabis Stocks Surge: In a surprising turn of events, the recent surge in shares of cannabis companies has left short sellers reeling with over $105 million in losses this year. Despite these hefty losses, traders are still betting against the sector. According to a report from S3 Partners LLC, short sellers have poured $91 million into new positions in the last 30 days, betting on the decline of pot stocks. This contrarian move comes as cannabis companies continue to rise on the hopes of marijuana reclassification and the progress of the SAFE Banking Act in Congress. While the industry has experienced positive developments, such as the US Drug Enforcement Administration reviewing cannabis classification and the potential markup session of the SAFE Act, short sellers are still counting on major hurdles for the sector.


Pot Stock Rally Burns Short Sellers for $105 Million

Welcome to this comprehensive article on the recent surge in pot stocks and its impact on short sellers. In the past year, the cannabis industry has experienced significant growth and performance, leading to a rally in stock prices. While this rally has brought joy to many investors, it has also burned short sellers who bet against the sector. In this article, we will explore the losses suffered by short sellers, their continued betting against the sector, the reasons behind increased short selling, the rise of cannabis companies, positive industry developments, potential weaknesses in stock prices, and the concentration of short selling on 10 cannabis companies.

Short Sellers’ Losses

The surge in shares of cannabis companies has caused short sellers to suffer losses exceeding $105 million this year. Despite these losses, many traders continue to bet against the sector. Short sellers have seen their persistence rewarded with significant paper losses, as the market has been favorable to cannabis companies.

Continued Betting Against the Sector

Despite the losses, short sellers are persisting in betting against the cannabis sector. They have engaged in contrarian trades, taking positions against pot stocks. This persistence may be driven by a variety of reasons, including skepticism about the sustainability of the industry’s growth and potential risks associated with regulatory changes.

Cannabis Stocks Surge: Increased Short Selling

Recent data shows that short sellers have been increasing their positions in the cannabis sector. In the past 30 days alone, they have invested $91 million in new short positions. This indicates that short sellers see potential weakness in pot stocks and are actively positioning themselves to profit from any downturn in the market.

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Rising Cannabis Companies

Cannabis companies have seen impressive growth and performance in recent months. This growth is driven by a variety of factors, including increased public acceptance of cannabis, expanding legalization efforts, and the potential for the industry to benefit from legislative changes. The positive performance of cannabis companies has attracted investors and contributed to the rally in stock prices.

Positive Industry Developments

Several positive developments have contributed to the optimism surrounding the cannabis industry. One significant development is the potential reclassification of marijuana, which has been under review by the US Drug Enforcement Administration. Another development is the progress of the SAFE Banking Act, which aims to improve accessibility to financial services for cannabis businesses. These legislative advancements have further fueled the positive sentiment towards pot stocks.

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Potential Weakness in Stock Prices

Despite the recent rally, there are concerns about the speculative nature of the pot stock market. Many experts predict that stock prices may experience weakness in the future. This weakness could be attributed to various factors, including overvaluation, regulatory challenges, and potential obstacles to sustaining growth. Short sellers are closely monitoring these potential weaknesses and positioning themselves accordingly.

Pot Stocks Down from All-Time Highs

Pot stocks are currently down 91% from their all-time highs reached in October 2018. This decline highlights the volatility and cyclical nature of the industry. Investors and short sellers alike can learn valuable lessons from historical performance and use them to inform their future strategies and positions.

Overhangs for the Sector

There are still significant overhangs and risks that short sellers are counting on in the cannabis sector. The SAFE Banking Act, for example, has previously failed to reach a vote in Congress, and even if cannabis were to be reclassified by the DEA, it would still be illegal on the federal level. These overhangs provide short sellers with potential opportunities to profit from any negative developments in the sector.

Short Sellers’ Concentration on 10 Cannabis Companies

Short sellers have focused the majority of their positions on 10 specific cannabis companies in the last two years. Some of these companies include Tilray Brands Inc. and Canopy Growth Corp. These concentrated positions indicate that short sellers have identified certain weaknesses or risks in these companies and are actively betting against their performance.

In conclusion, the recent pot stock rally has resulted in significant losses for short sellers, but this has not deterred them from betting against the sector. Increased short selling, positive industry developments, and potential weaknesses in stock prices all contribute to the dynamic landscape of the cannabis market. As with any investment, it is important to carefully consider the risks and opportunities involved and make informed decisions. Whether you’re an investor or a short seller, staying informed and adaptive to market conditions is key to navigating the world of pot stocks.



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