Sen. Elizabeth Warren Advocates for Cannabis Descheduling on ‘The Late Show’


In a recent appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Sen. Elizabeth Warren discussed her advocacy for cannabis descheduling. As the anticipation builds for the Drug Enforcement Administration’s decision on whether to reschedule cannabis from a Schedule I to Schedule III controlled substance, Warren and other lawmakers argue that simply moving cannabis to another category is not enough. During the segment, Warren highlighted the devastating impact that cannabis scheduling has had on communities and emphasized the need to deschedule it entirely. She also addressed the issue of limited research opportunities due to the current scheduling.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren Discusses Descheduling Cannabis on ‘The Late Show’

During an appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Sen. Elizabeth Warren discussed the push to deschedule cannabis fully rather than moving it from Schedule I to Schedule III of the Controlled Substances Act.

The Push for Descheduling Cannabis

This year could be a historic one for cannabis, as advocates and consumers eagerly await the decision from the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) on whether to reschedule cannabis. However, many argue that simply moving it to another category is not enough and are pushing for full descheduling. Sen. Elizabeth Warren is one of those leaders advocating for descheduling.

The Current Status of Cannabis Scheduling

Currently, cannabis is classified as a Schedule I controlled substance, which means it is considered to have a high potential for abuse and no accepted medical use. This classification has led to significant consequences for individuals and communities, as it has resulted in criminal penalties and limited research opportunities.

Warren’s Letter Urging Descheduling

Warren, along with other Democratic lawmakers, recently sent a letter to the DEA and the Biden administration urging them to deschedule cannabis altogether. The letter recognizes that rescheduling to Schedule III would be a step forward, but it would not address the underlying issues caused by the current scheduling system.

Difference Between Descheduling and Legalization

It’s important to distinguish between descheduling and legalization. Descheduling cannabis would remove its classification as a controlled substance, effectively legalizing it at the federal level. However, it would still require the establishment of a regulatory framework by Congress, similar to how alcohol is regulated. Legalization, on the other hand, would involve creating laws and regulations that govern the production, sale, and use of cannabis.

Potential Benefits of Descheduling Cannabis

Descheduling cannabis could have several potential benefits. First, it would eliminate criminal penalties for individuals involved in the cannabis industry and for those who use cannabis recreationally or medicinally. This could help reduce mass incarceration and address racial disparities in the criminal justice system.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren Advocates for Cannabis Descheduling on ‘The Late Show’
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Second, descheduling would allow for more research on cannabis. Currently, the Schedule I classification makes it difficult for researchers to study the potential medical benefits and risks of cannabis. Descheduling would remove these research barriers and enable scientists to conduct more comprehensive studies on the plant.

Lastly, descheduling would give states more autonomy in regulating cannabis. Just like with alcohol, states would be able to establish their own laws and regulations regarding cannabis, leading to more consistent and tailored policies that reflect the needs and values of each state.

Research Barriers and Descheduling

Despite the current scheduling of cannabis, research on the plant is still possible. However, the Schedule I classification has created significant barriers that hinder scientific exploration. These barriers include limited access to research-grade cannabis, extensive regulations and paperwork, and a lack of funding for cannabis research. Descheduling cannabis would remove these barriers and create a more conducive environment for scientific studies.

Descheduling vs. Rescheduling Cannabis

There is a distinction between descheduling and rescheduling cannabis. Descheduling would completely remove cannabis from the list of controlled substances, while rescheduling would involve moving it to a different schedule. If cannabis were to be rescheduled, it would likely be moved from Schedule I to Schedule III, which would acknowledge its potential medical benefits but still not fully legalize it. Descheduling, on the other hand, would allow for full legalization and regulation at the federal level.

Concerns About Big Pharma Influence

One concern voiced by advocates of descheduling is the potential influence of Big Pharma on the cannabis industry. If cannabis were to be rescheduled to Schedule III, it could open the door for pharmaceutical companies to dominate the market and drive out smaller businesses. Descheduling would provide more opportunities for small businesses and entrepreneurs to enter the industry and promote a more diverse and competitive market.

Warren’s Call to Treat Cannabis Like Alcohol

During her appearance on The Late Show, Senator Warren emphasized the need to treat cannabis like alcohol. This would involve descheduling cannabis, establishing a regulatory framework at the federal level, and allowing states to create their own laws and regulations. By treating cannabis in a similar manner to alcohol, Warren believes that we can address the current conflict and problems caused by the scheduling system.

In conclusion, the push for descheduling cannabis is gaining momentum, with advocates like Senator Elizabeth Warren leading the way. Descheduling has the potential to bring about significant benefits, including the elimination of criminal penalties, increased research opportunities, and more autonomy for states. It’s time to treat cannabis like alcohol and bring our laws into the 21st century.



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