Medical Marijuana Home Grow Initiative Withdrawn by Activists in Florida


Florida activists recently made the difficult decision to withdraw their efforts to place a measure on the 2024 ballot that would allow medical marijuana patients to cultivate cannabis at home. Despite strong support for the initiative, the campaign faced various challenges that ultimately led to its withdrawal.

Supporters End Efforts to Place Measure on 2024 Ballot

The proposed initiative aimed to give medical marijuana patients in Florida the right to grow their own cannabis at home. Unfortunately, supporters were unable to collect enough signatures to qualify for the ballot. This means that the measure will not be included in the 2024 general election.

New Restrictions and Fees Impact the Initiative Process

One of the major challenges faced by the campaign was the implementation of new restrictions and fees for proposed ballot initiatives. These measures, put in place by Republican lawmakers in 2019, were designed to make it harder to pass constitutional amendments. Unfortunately, these restrictions primarily benefited giant conglomerates and large corporations, making it more difficult for grassroots campaigns to succeed.

Campaign Faces Financial Difficulties

Financial difficulties also played a significant role in the withdrawal of the initiative. The campaign struggled to recruit enough volunteers to support their cause. Additionally, they only managed to raise around $4,000 in donations, which was not enough to cover the costs of professional staff and the collection of signatures. Administrative and accounting fees far exceeded the amount of money raised, resulting in mounting debt for the campaign.

Concerns About the Impact of Adult-Use Initiative on Medical Program

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Another concern that influenced the withdrawal of the home grow initiative was the potential impact of an upcoming adult-use cannabis initiative on the existing medical marijuana program. Activists worried that if adult-use cannabis is legalized, dispensaries may prioritize high-THC products and limit the availability of low-THC products that are often preferred by medical patients. They cited examples from other states such as Oregon, Washington, and California, where the legalization of recreational cannabis has led to a decline in products intended for medical use.

Hope for Support from Trulieve and Other Companies

Despite the setback, there is still hope for future initiatives thanks to the support of companies like Trulieve, Florida’s largest medical marijuana provider. Trulieve has previously supported home-grow initiatives and is currently backing an adult-use cannabis proposal. Activists are optimistic that Trulieve and other companies will continue to support future home cultivation initiatives, offering a ray of hope for patients who rely on personalized medicine.

Cannabis Activist Moriah Barnhart and Wise and Free

Moriah Barnhart, a dedicated cannabis activist, founded the organization Wise and Free with the goal of placing the medical marijuana home cultivation initiative on the ballot. Barnhart’s involvement in cannabis activism was sparked by her daughter’s brain cancer diagnosis. She believes that cannabis saved her daughter’s life and advocates for personalized medicine and the right to grow cannabis at home.

Background on Florida’s Medical Cannabis Program

Florida currently has a legalized medical marijuana program that offers a variety of cannabis products. However, home cultivation is not currently allowed for medical marijuana patients. This restriction was one of the driving forces behind the initiative to legalize home cultivation.

Potential Impact of Home Cultivation Initiative

The home cultivation initiative aimed to allow medical marijuana patients in Florida to grow their own cannabis at home. This would have provided personalized medicine for patients, allowing them to cultivate strains that are best suited to their individual needs. It would have been particularly beneficial for small, vulnerable demographics of people who require personalized medicine.

Florida Activists Withdraw Medical Cannabis Home Grow Initiative


In conclusion, supporters of the medical cannabis home grow initiative in Florida have made the difficult decision to withdraw their efforts. New restrictions and fees, financial difficulties, and concerns about the impact of an adult-use initiative on the medical program all contributed to this decision. However, there is still hope for future initiatives, with the potential support of companies like Trulieve. Despite the setback, activists remain committed to fighting for the rights of medical marijuana patients and the ability to cultivate cannabis at home.



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