McMahon and Turley: From NFL to White House with Marijuana Advocacy?


Former NFL stars Jim McMahon and Kyle Turley are making waves in the political arena with their potential White House run, centered around a campaign to legalize marijuana. As co-founders of the cannabis brand Revenant, McMahon and Turley are not only advocating for the passing of the SAFER Banking Act, but also plan to address other critical issues such as immigration, homelessness, taxation, and spending policy. These former athletes have been long-time proponents of cannabis use in the NFL, with McMahon highlighting its potential benefits for player recovery, and Turley actively lobbying the league to lift its ban on marijuana. With their unique perspective and passion for reform, McMahon and Turley’s campaign promises to bring new voices to the political landscape.

McMahon and Turley hint at a potential run for the White House

With the winds of change blowing across the nation, McMahon and Turley have made their intentions clear – a potential run for the White House. Their campaign is centered around the contentious issue of marijuana legalization, which has been a topic of much debate and public interest in recent years. By boldly tackling this issue, McMahon and Turley aim to bring their unique perspectives and experiences to the forefront of the political discourse in the United States.

Campaign centered around legalizing marijuana

At the heart of McMahon and Turley’s campaign lies their fervent advocacy for the legalization of marijuana. They firmly believe that the time has come for the United States to embrace this controversial but potentially transformative policy change. By removing the criminalization of marijuana, they argue, society can reap numerous economic, social, and health benefits. Through their campaign, they hope to educate the public about the positive impacts that marijuana legalization can have on individuals, communities, and the country as a whole.

Co-founders of the cannabis brand Revenant

As co-founders of the cannabis brand Revenant, McMahon and Turley bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table. Their firsthand experience in the industry has given them unparalleled insights into the potential of marijuana as a viable business and a catalyst for change. Revenant, a pioneering company in the field, has made significant strides in advancing the conversation around cannabis and its potential benefits. With their background in the cannabis industry, McMahon and Turley are well-positioned to advocate for policies that can positively impact not only the economy but also the health and wellness of the American people.

Advocating for the Secure and Fair Enforcement and Regulation (SAFER) Banking Act

Explanation of the SAFER Banking Act

Photo by David Gabrić on Unsplash

One of the key pieces of legislation that McMahon and Turley are advocating for is the Secure and Fair Enforcement and Regulation (SAFER) Banking Act. If passed, this bill would address the banking challenges faced by cannabis companies operating legally within the guidelines of their respective states. Currently, many cannabis businesses are forced to operate solely in cash due to the federal prohibition on marijuana. The SAFER Banking Act aims to rectify this issue by providing regulated cannabis companies with access to traditional banking services, just like any other legal and legitimate business.

Benefits of passing the SAFER Banking Act

Passing the SAFER Banking Act would bring about numerous benefits for the cannabis industry and the wider economy. First and foremost, allowing regulated cannabis companies access to traditional banking services eliminates the inherent risks associated with operating solely in cash. It would improve transparency, enhance financial security, and provide a level playing field for cannabis businesses to thrive and contribute to the economy. Additionally, the implementation of this act would stimulate job growth and entrepreneurship, further bolstering the nation’s economic well-being.

Allowing regulated cannabis companies access to traditional banking services

The current lack of access to traditional banking services creates significant challenges for cannabis companies. It hampers their ability to operate efficiently, stifles growth, and makes them vulnerable to crime. By advocating for the passage of the SAFER Banking Act, McMahon and Turley aim to remove these barriers and provide a safe and regulated environment for the cannabis industry to flourish. This legislation is not just about marijuana; it is about creating opportunities, empowering individuals, and fostering innovation in a rapidly evolving sector.

Addressing other issues

In addition to their focus on marijuana legalization and the passage of the SAFER Banking Act, McMahon and Turley are committed to addressing a range of pressing issues facing the nation. They understand that the role of the president extends far beyond a single policy agenda and that it is crucial to tackle multifaceted challenges to create meaningful change. Among the key issues they plan to address are immigration, homelessness, taxation, and spending policy.


The issue of immigration is one that has polarized the nation for decades. McMahon and Turley recognize the importance of comprehensive immigration reform that balances national security with compassion and inclusivity. They believe in creating a clear and fair pathway to citizenship, ensuring that families are not needlessly torn apart, and providing opportunities for hardworking individuals to contribute to the fabric of American society.


Homelessness is a complex issue that requires a comprehensive and compassionate approach. By focusing on homelessness, McMahon and Turley aim to tackle the root causes of this crisis and create sustainable solutions. They envision a society where every individual has access to safe and affordable housing, where mental health support is readily available, and where the cycle of homelessness can be broken through innovative programs and policies.


The American tax system is in dire need of reform. McMahon and Turley recognize the burden that taxes place on individuals and businesses alike. They propose a fair and equitable tax system that promotes economic growth, reduces income inequality, and ensures that every American has a stake in the country’s success. By streamlining the tax code and eliminating unnecessary loopholes, they aim to create a more transparent and efficient tax system that benefits all Americans.

Spending policy

The nation’s spending policy plays a critical role in shaping its economic future. McMahon and Turley advocate for responsible spending that prioritizes essential services, invests in infrastructure, and fosters innovation. They envision a government that operates efficiently, eliminates wasteful spending, and allocates resources based on the needs of the American people. By taking a holistic approach to spending policy, they hope to create a sustainable future for generations to come.

Jim McMahon’s advocacy for cannabis use in the NFL

Personal beliefs on cannabis use

Jim McMahon has been an outspoken advocate for cannabis use, particularly within the context of the NFL. Drawing from his personal experiences and the benefits he has witnessed firsthand, McMahon firmly believes that cannabis can play a significant role in players’ physical recovery. He argues that it is a safer alternative to the opioids and other pharmaceutical drugs commonly prescribed for pain management in the league.

Benefits for players’ physical recovery

Former NFL stars Jim McMahon and Kyle Turley hint at White House run with marijuana campaign

McMahon’s advocacy for cannabis use in the NFL stems from his own struggles with injuries sustained during his football career. He has experienced firsthand the toll that the physical demands of the sport can take on a player’s body. According to McMahon, cannabis can provide a natural and non-addictive alternative for pain management, reducing the reliance on harmful and addictive substances. By embracing cannabis as a legitimate option for players’ physical recovery, he believes that the NFL can prioritize the health and well-being of its athletes.

Kyle Turley’s lobbying efforts to lift the ban on cannabis in the NFL

Retirement due to a back injury

Kyle Turley’s personal story is one of both triumph and adversity. Forced into retirement due to a debilitating back injury sustained during his NFL career, Turley understands intimately the toll that football can take on the human body. During his journey, he discovered the potential benefits of cannabis in managing his pain and improving his overall quality of life.

Vocal cannabis advocate

Buoyed by his own experiences, Turley has become a vocal advocate for cannabis both within and outside of the NFL. He has tirelessly championed the cause, educating players, coaches, and the wider public about the potential benefits of cannabis for pain management, reducing reliance on opioids, and improving overall wellness. Turley firmly believes that lifting the ban on cannabis in the NFL could revolutionize the way players approach recovery and prioritize their long-term health.

Pushing for a change in the league’s policies

Turley has taken an active role in lobbying the NFL to lift its ban on cannabis. Through his extensive advocacy efforts, he has engaged in conversations with league officials, players, and experts in the field of cannabis research. Turley’s goal is to effect positive change within the NFL and create an environment where players have access to safe and effective alternatives for pain management and recovery. By changing the league’s policies, Turley hopes to pave the way for a more compassionate and health-focused approach to the game.

In conclusion, Jim McMahon and Kyle Turley’s campaign for the White House represents a groundbreaking movement in American politics. By centering their campaign around the legalization of marijuana, advocating for the SAFER Banking Act, and addressing a range of pressing issues, they aim to create positive change and promote a more compassionate and inclusive society. Additionally, McMahon’s advocacy for cannabis use in the NFL, coupled with Turley’s lobbying efforts to lift the ban on cannabis, showcases their commitment to improving the lives of athletes and challenging outdated policies. Together, McMahon and Turley offer a unique blend of sportsmanship, activism, and innovative thinking that has the potential to shape the future of American politics for years to come. So, buckle up and join the journey as they seek to make their mark in the race for the White House and beyond.



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