Infused Pre-Rolls Are Dominating the Cannabis Market, Here’s Why


Discover why infused pre-rolls are dominating the cannabis market in this captivating article. As the cannabis industry continues to evolve, new markets emerge, and customers become more familiar with cannabis products, retailers face the challenge of attracting and retaining customers in a hyper-competitive market. However, according to research conducted by Custom Cones USA, pre-rolls are the fastest-growing product segment in the industry, with infused pre-rolls leading the way. With their fast-acting, high-potency appeal and the ability for efficient production at a larger scale, infused pre-rolls are becoming the favorite consumer product. This article explores the reasons behind the popularity of infused pre-rolls and predicts the future growth of the pre-roll industry.

The Current State of the Pre-Roll Industry

The pre-roll industry in the cannabis market is currently experiencing significant growth, particularly in the infused pre-roll segment. Infused pre-rolls are pre-rolled cannabis joints that have been infused with additional cannabinoids, such as THC or CBD. This infusion process enhances the potency and effects of the pre-roll, making it a popular choice among consumers.

According to research conducted by Custom Cones USA and Headset, the infused pre-roll segment is the fastest-growing product segment in the cannabis industry. In the United States, infused pre-rolls have seen a year-over-year growth of 12%, while in Canada, the growth rate reaches a staggering 38% annually. In terms of sales, infused pre-rolls generate nearly $60 million in monthly sales, making them a significant contributor to the overall cannabis market.

The growth of infused pre-rolls can be attributed to several factors. Firstly, consumers are increasingly seeking fast-acting and high-potency products. Infused pre-rolls fulfill this demand by providing a quick and potent cannabis experience. Secondly, the top three product segments in the cannabis market, including mixed strain pre-rolls, disposable vape pens, and infused/connoisseur pre-rolls, indicate a clear preference for infused pre-rolls among consumers. Lastly, the year-over-year growth rates of infused pre-rolls in both the U.S. and Canada demonstrate the increasing popularity and demand for these products.

Automated Machinery and Infused Pre-Rolls

Why Infused Pre-Rolls Are Dominating the Cannabis Market

One of the key drivers behind the growth of infused pre-rolls is the efficiency and scalability of automated machinery. Automated machines are capable of producing infused pre-rolls at a larger scale, significantly improving production capacity and reducing costs. These automated machines are able to infuse hundreds of pre-rolls per hour, allowing producers to meet the growing demand for infused pre-rolls.

The affordability of infused pre-rolls is another factor contributing to their popularity. The use of automated machinery helps keep production costs down, making infused pre-rolls more affordable for both producers and consumers. This affordability, combined with the potent effects of infused pre-rolls, makes them an attractive choice for cannabis enthusiasts.

Furthermore, the survey conducted by Custom Cones USA found that 58.4% of surveyed companies produce or sell infused pre-rolls. This indicates a significant portion of the industry is actively involved in the production and distribution of infused pre-rolls, further driving the growth of this segment.

The Rise of Infused Pre-Rolls and Multi-Packs

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Another market trend to consider is the rise of multi-packs of regular and infused pre-rolls. In 2018, multi-packs accounted for 27.7% of the pre-roll market. However, this figure has increased to 47.62% in recent years, representing a growth of approximately 20% in the span of five years.

The popularity of multi-packs can be attributed to several factors. Firstly, multi-packs offer consumers a convenient and cost-effective option for purchasing pre-rolls. Instead of buying individual pre-rolls, consumers can purchase a pack of multiple pre-rolls, allowing them to save both time and money. Secondly, the inclusion of infused pre-rolls in these multi-packs further enhances their appeal. Consumers have the option to try different strains and flavors, adding variety to their cannabis experience.

The rise of infused pre-rolls and multi-packs is set to continue driving the pre-roll market forward. As more consumers recognize the benefits of pre-rolls and as manufacturers continue to innovate in this space, the demand for infused pre-rolls and multi-packs is expected to increase.

The Future of the Pre-Roll Industry

Why Infused Pre-Rolls Are Dominating the Cannabis Market

Based on current trends and market indicators, pre-rolls are poised to become the largest-selling product category in the cannabis market. The data suggests that pre-rolls will overtake flower as the leading product category by 2030. This projection is supported by the continuous growth of the pre-roll segment, the increasing popularity of infused pre-rolls, and the rising demand for multi-packs.

As the pre-roll industry continues to evolve, we can anticipate further innovation in the infused pre-roll space. Manufacturers may experiment with different infusion techniques, flavors, and strain combinations to cater to the diverse preferences of consumers. Additionally, advancements in pre-roll automation technology may lead to improved production capacity, affordability, and convenience.

In conclusion, the current state of the pre-roll industry is characterized by the dominance of infused pre-rolls and the rise of multi-packs. Infused pre-rolls have experienced significant growth due to their fast-acting and high-potency effects, as well as the efficiency and scalability of automated machinery. Multi-packs have become increasingly popular, offering consumers a convenient and cost-effective option. Looking ahead, pre-rolls are expected to lead the cannabis market, driving further innovation and growth in the infused pre-roll space.



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