Infused Pre-Rolls Are Dominating the Cannabis Market Here is Why?


Discover why infused pre-rolls have become the dominating force in the cannabis market. With the constant evolution of the industry and the increasing legalization of cannabis across various states, customers are becoming more familiar with and curious about cannabis products. In response to this demand, companies are innovating new form factors, and infused pre-rolls have emerged as the fastest-growing product segment. This article explores the reasons behind the popularity of infused pre-rolls, including their fast-acting and high-potency effects, affordability due to automation, and their appeal to retailers. As the market continues to grow, pre-rolls are projected to overtake flower as the largest-selling product category by 2030, paving the way for more innovation and convenience in the pre-roll industry.

The Current State of the Pre-Roll Industry

The pre-roll industry has witnessed significant growth in recent years, becoming a popular choice among cannabis consumers. Infused pre-rolls have emerged as the largest segment within the industry, driving its overall success. Monthly sales of infused pre-rolls have reached staggering figures, reflecting their increasing popularity among consumers.

Popularity of Infused Pre-Rolls

Infused pre-rolls have gained immense popularity due to consumer preference for fast-acting and high-potency products. Among the various product segments, mixed strain pre-rolls, disposable vape pens, and infused/connoisseur pre-rolls have emerged as the top three choices for cannabis consumers. The demand for infused pre-rolls has seen significant growth in both the United States and Canada, outpacing the growth of other product segments in the market.

Driving Factors of Infused Pre-Roll Expansion

The expansion of the infused pre-roll market can be attributed to several driving factors. One crucial factor is the efficient production process enabled by automated machinery. Automated machines allow for the production of infused pre-rolls on a larger scale, making them more affordable and convenient for both producers and consumers. Additionally, the rising trend of pre-roll multi-packs has contributed to the growth of infused pre-rolls, making them even more appealing to retailers.

Role of Infused Pre-Rolls in the Cannabis Market

Infused pre-rolls hold a significant position in the cannabis market, being the fastest-growing product segment. They are projected to overtake flower as the largest-selling category by 2030, highlighting their dominance in the industry. With continuous innovation and improvements in automation, infused pre-rolls are poised to further expand their market share and contribute to the overall growth of the pre-roll industry.

Research Collaboration: Custom Cones USA and Headset

Custom Cones USA, a trusted producer of pre-rolled cone packaging and machines, partnered with industry insight authority Headset to conduct comprehensive research on the pre-roll segment of the cannabis industry. The objective of this collaboration was to gain insights into the current state of the pre-roll industry and understand the factors driving its growth. The collaboration resulted in a whitepaper that provides valuable information and findings for industry stakeholders.

Growth of Pre-Rolls in the United States

The growth of pre-rolls in the United States has been remarkable, with year-over-year growth consistently increasing. The research conducted by Custom Cones USA and Headset revealed that infused pre-rolls have experienced a 12% year-over-year growth in the country. This growth outpaced the growth of other pre-roll segments, such as mixed strain pre-rolls and disposable vapes. It indicates the strong demand for infused pre-rolls among American cannabis consumers.

Photo by Kym MacKinnon on Unsplash

Explosive Growth of Pre-Rolls in Canada

The Canadian market has also witnessed explosive growth in the pre-roll segment. Infused pre-rolls, in particular, have experienced substantial year-over-year growth, with an astounding 1,426% increase. This growth far surpasses the growth of other pre-roll segments, making infused pre-rolls a dominant force in the Canadian cannabis market. The significant growth of infused pre-rolls in Canada showcases their popularity among Canadian consumers.

Advantages of Automated Pre-Roll Production

Automated machinery has revolutionized the production of pre-rolls, providing several advantages to producers. The efficiency and scalability of automated machines allow for the mass production of infused pre-rolls, leading to lower production costs. This, in turn, makes infused pre-rolls more affordable for consumers while maintaining high quality. The affordability and convenience offered by automated pre-roll production have played a significant role in the expansion of the infused pre-roll market.

Multi-Packs and the Rise of Infused Pre-Rolls

The rise of infused pre-rolls is closely associated with the increasing market share of multi-packs. Multi-packs of regular and infused pre-rolls have experienced substantial growth, representing around 20% growth over five years. Infused pre-rolls, in particular, have become more appealing to consumers due to their affordability and convenience. The combination of multi-packs and the popularity of infused pre-rolls is reshaping the pre-roll industry and setting the stage for its future growth.

Future Trends and Innovations in the Pre-Roll Space

The future of the pre-roll industry looks promising, with continued growth and dominance predicted for pre-rolls. Improvements in automation and cost-effectiveness will further enhance the production of infused pre-rolls, making them more readily available to consumers. Additionally, innovations in product variety and convenience will contribute to the overall development of the pre-roll space. As consumer demand for high-potency cannabis products continues to rise, the pre-roll industry is poised to thrive and cater to these evolving preferences.



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