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In recent years, blockchain technology has emerged as a powerful tool with the potential to revolutionize various industries. One prime example of this is the collaboration between ACS Laboratory, the largest hemp and cannabis testing facility in the eastern United States, and Blockticity, a leader in guaranteed certificates of authenticity. Together, they have developed a blockchain-based certificate of authenticity (COA) verification process for the cannabis and hemp industries. This partnership sets a new standard for transparency and security, addressing challenges such as supply chain transparency, quality control, and regulatory compliance. Blockchain technology has the potential to transform certification systems across numerous industries, making it an exciting innovation with far-reaching implications.

Verified COAs are Critical to Consumers

In recent years, the hemp, cannabis, mushroom, and Kratom industries have faced various challenges. These challenges include supply chain transparency, quality control, and regulatory compliance. One essential document in these industries is the Certificate of Analysis (COA), which verifies the product’s quality, safety, and potency. However, COAs can be vulnerable to fraud, tampering, or errors, which can compromise the integrity of the entire supply chain. This is where blockchain technology comes in.

Blockchain Enables Enhanced Supply Chain Transparency

Blockchain technology provides a secure, transparent, and decentralized way to track COAs throughout the supply chain, from cultivation to distribution and sale. By using blockchain to track COAs, stakeholders can trace the product’s origin, monitor its handling and storage conditions, and track its distribution and sale. This enhances transparency and accountability in the supply chain. Blockchain technology also enables real-time monitoring of the product’s quality, safety, and potency. By recording COA data on the blockchain, stakeholders can instantly access the product’s test results, facilitating informed decisions about its quality and safety.

COA Verification with Blockticity on the Avalanche Blockchain


The partnership between ACS Laboratory and Blockticity has resulted in a blockchain-based COA verification process for the cannabis and hemp industries. This process has numerous advantages for various stakeholders, including consumers, patients, companies purchasing raw materials, any product tracked through the supply chain, and the media. With blockchain technology, the COA verification process becomes more transparent, fraud-proof, and streamlined. All stakeholders can quickly confirm the COA’s origin and the accuracy of the data points. This technology also helps protect client rights by ensuring that COAs are authenticated on the blockchain. Moreover, this blockchain-based solution has the potential to set a new standard for the cannabis and hemp industries, promoting product safety, quality, and transparency for the benefit of all stakeholders.

Unlocking Blockchain’s Potential in Other Industries

Blockchain technology has the potential to revolutionize certification systems across various industries. For instance, Brazil’s Blockchain Birth Certificate Initiative aims to enhance birth certificate management by increasing security and efficiency through blockchain technology. Singapore’s HealthCerts focuses on digital health certification, leveraging blockchain to improve verification and privacy in healthcare. The Classification Society Certification is being applied to the shipping and marine industries to enhance security and efficiency. Artwork Certificates blockchain-based provenance tracking can increase transparency and trust in the art market. Educational Certificates streamline the verification process, improving access to opportunities for students and professionals. Lastly, Renewable Energy Certificates enable more efficient and transparent management of energy certificates.

Benefits of Blockchain Certification Systems


Blockchain certification systems offer numerous advantages across technical, individual, organizational, and societal levels. From a technical perspective, blockchain technology provides improved security, tamper-proof data storage, and streamlined data management. At the individual level, users can enjoy enhanced privacy, reduced risk of identity theft, and increased control over personal information. Organizational benefits include cost savings, reduced bureaucracy, and improved trust and reputation. At the societal level, blockchain technology promotes greater transparency, increased trust in institutions, and the adoption of sustainable practices.

ASTM International: Setting Standards for Authenticating COAs on the Blockchain

ASTM International, an international standards organization, is playing a crucial role in standardizing the authentication of COAs on the blockchain. With over 12,575 ASTM voluntary consensus standards operating globally, the organization is well-positioned to create a worldwide standard for authenticating COAs on the blockchain. By working with ASTM, companies in various industries have a reliable and standardized way to verify the authenticity of COAs, regardless of their location or the type of product they produce. This reduces the risk of fraud and errors, increases trust and transparency in the supply chain, and saves time and money by streamlining the authentication process.



The partnership between ACS Laboratory and Blockticity represents a significant milestone in leveraging blockchain technology for the cannabis and hemp industries. By minting COAs on the Avalanche blockchain, this innovative solution ensures transparency, security, and trust in lab results. The collaboration between these two companies, led by Mike Coner, an advisor for ACS Laboratory and founder of Blockticity, demonstrates the power of innovation and technology in addressing the challenges faced by these industries. With blockchain technology, the cannabis and hemp industries can achieve enhanced supply chain transparency, improve product quality and safety, ensure regulatory compliance, and enhance consumer trust. This collaboration sets a new standard for product certification and paves the way for future advancements in other industries as well.



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