FundCanna partners with the NCIA for cannabis policy advancement


You’re in for some exciting news! FundCanna, a leading cannabis funding platform, has joined forces with the National Cannabis Industry Association (NCIA) to advance cannabis policy and support the growth of the industry. As part of this collaboration, FundCanna will cover the NCIA membership costs for their next 100 customers, and they have also upgraded their own membership to the prestigious Evergreen level. This remarkable partnership aims to reduce tax burdens on cannabis companies while empowering them to thrive. If you’re a cannabis company seeking funding, this is your chance to be one of the first 100 to team up with FundCanna and reap the benefits of this groundbreaking initiative.


FundCanna, a leading provider of funding solutions for the cannabis industry, has recently announced a groundbreaking partnership with the National Cannabis Industry Association (NCIA). This strategic alliance aims to provide numerous benefits to FundCanna’s customers, advance cannabis policy, and reduce tax burdens for cannabis companies. The partnership also opens up exciting opportunities for future collaboration and expansion. In this article, we will explore the various aspects of this partnership and its implications for the cannabis industry as a whole.

Benefits for FundCanna’s Customers

As part of the partnership, FundCanna will be covering the NCIA membership costs for its next 100 customers. This means that these businesses will have access to all the valuable resources and advantages offered by the NCIA, without any additional financial burden. Whether it’s networking opportunities, industry advocacy, or educational resources, FundCanna’s customers can now take full advantage of the comprehensive support provided by the NCIA.

FundCanna’s Membership

In addition to benefiting its customers, FundCanna has also elevated its own membership to the coveted Evergreen level within the NCIA. This demonstrates FundCanna’s commitment to the cannabis industry and its dedication to fostering positive growth and development. As an Evergreen member, FundCanna will have increased access to industry influencers, policy updates, and other exclusive benefits, allowing the company to better serve its customers and stay at the forefront of the rapidly evolving cannabis market.

Advancement of Cannabis Policy

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FundCanna’s partnership with the NCIA is not just about business benefits; it also supports the advancement of cannabis policy at a broader level. The NCIA is at the forefront of advocating for sensible cannabis regulations, taxation reform, and social equity. By aligning with the NCIA, FundCanna is actively contributing to the collective efforts to shape a responsible and inclusive cannabis industry. This partnership not only benefits FundCanna and its customers but also has far-reaching positive implications for the entire cannabis community.

Reducing Tax Burdens

One of the significant challenges faced by cannabis companies is the burden of high taxes. The partnership between FundCanna and the NCIA directly addresses this issue by working together to reduce tax burdens for cannabis businesses. Through collaborative advocacy and policy initiatives, the NCIA and FundCanna aim to create a more favorable tax environment for the cannabis industry. This will not only alleviate the financial strain on businesses but also encourage further growth and innovation within the sector.

Program’s Scope

To be eligible for the benefits of this partnership, cannabis companies need to be the first 100 new clients that fund with FundCanna. This exclusive program enables these companies to access the NCIA membership coverage, as well as all the additional advantages offered by FundCanna. By choosing FundCanna as their funding solution provider, these companies not only gain financial support but also become part of a supportive network that actively strives for their long-term success.

Benefits for Cannabis Companies

Cannabis companies that join FundCanna and benefit from the partnership with the NCIA gain several advantages. Firstly, they will have their NCIA membership costs covered, providing access to a wealth of industry knowledge, educational materials, and networking opportunities. This can significantly enhance their understanding of the cannabis market and open doors for valuable collaborations. Additionally, by aligning themselves with FundCanna, these companies demonstrate their commitment to responsible business practices and become part of a like-minded community that works towards positive industry growth.

Partnership Implementation

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The partnership between FundCanna and the NCIA didn’t happen overnight. It required careful planning and implementation to ensure the seamless integration of resources and services. FundCanna and the NCIA held several collaborative meetings and discussions to outline the goals and objectives of the partnership. Once the framework was established, both organizations worked diligently to align their processes, systems, and strategies to create a cohesive and effective partnership. The implementation process aimed to maximize the benefits for all stakeholders involved, including FundCanna’s customers and the broader cannabis industry.

Implications for the Cannabis Industry

The partnership between FundCanna and the NCIA has significant implications for the cannabis industry as a whole. By combining their expertise and resources, these two influential organizations are amplifying their impact and creating new opportunities for growth and collaboration. The progress made in advancing cannabis policy and reducing tax burdens through this partnership sets an example for other entities within the industry to join forces and work towards shared goals. As the cannabis industry continues to evolve, partnerships like this will play a crucial role in shaping a sustainable and prosperous future.

Future Collaboration and Expansion

The partnership between FundCanna and the NCIA is just the beginning of a long-term collaboration aimed at mutual growth and expansion. Both organizations are committed to continually exploring new ways to support the cannabis industry and provide innovative solutions to its challenges. This partnership opens doors for future joint initiatives, such as educational programs, industry events, and policy advocacy campaigns. By combining their knowledge, resources, and networks, FundCanna and the NCIA have the potential to make an even greater impact in driving positive change within the rapidly evolving cannabis landscape.

In conclusion, the partnership between FundCanna and the National Cannabis Industry Association presents numerous benefits for FundCanna’s customers, supports cannabis policy advancement, reduces tax burdens on cannabis companies, and has far-reaching implications for the cannabis industry as a whole. Through this collaboration, FundCanna’s customers gain access to valuable NCIA resources, while the Evergreen membership elevates FundCanna’s position within the industry. With the aim of shaping a responsible and inclusive cannabis sector, this partnership highlights the importance of collective efforts, encourages future collaborations, and reinforces the commitment of both organizations to the industry’s long-term success.



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