Dog and Cannabis Alert in Parksville: Local Dog Sick from Cannabis Found in Park


Dog and Cannabis Alert in Parksville: In the quiet town of Parksville, one resident’s frustration is growing after her beloved dog fell ill from ingesting discarded cannabis joints at the local park. Cindy Hornung, a regular visitor to Springwood Park, recounts the alarming moments when her dog, Karma, started displaying unusual symptoms such as falling over, difficulty standing up, and a hanging tongue. Concerned, she rushed Karma to the vet, where it was confirmed that the dog had ingested marijuana. This incident is just one of three that occurred in October, leaving Hornung feeling paranoid about the safety of her furry friend. The issue of dogs getting sick from eating cannabis has been a long-standing problem, according to Dr. Heather Hagen, co-owner of Heritage Vet Service. The situation may be even more alarming, as cannabis could be contaminated or laced with other substances. While the cause of this problem remains uncertain, Hornung is calling for smoking to be prohibited in the park and increased lighting to ensure the safety of pets and park-goers alike.

Background information on the incident

In a recent incident at Springwood Park in Parksville, a local resident’s dog became sick after ingesting discarded cannabis joints. Cindy Hornung, the dog owner, frequently takes her beloved pet, Karma, to the park for walks and playtime. However, after Karma fell ill three times due to ingesting cannabis, Hornung has become increasingly concerned about the safety of the park for her dog and other pets.

Hornung first noticed something was wrong with Karma when she started exhibiting unusual symptoms like falling over, inability to stand up, and her tongue hanging out. Worried about her dog’s condition, Hornung rushed Karma to Central Island Veterinary Emergency Hospital in Nanaimo. The veterinary professionals quickly identified the cause of Karma’s illness as marijuana ingestion. The incident resulted in a hefty $300 bill for Hornung.

Unfortunately, Karma was not the only dog affected on that day. One of Hornung’s friends also brought their dog to the emergency vet after experiencing similar symptoms. Both dogs had been at the park together, leading to the conclusion that they had consumed some discarded cannabis.

The severity of the dog’s illness

The severity of the dogs’ illness after ingesting the discarded cannabis is a significant concern for both pet owners and veterinary professionals. Dr. Heather Hagen, co-owner of Heritage Vet Service in Parksville, explains that the extent of veterinary treatment varies depending on the amount of cannabis ingested. Treatment can range from allowing the dog to rest to administering fluids or even a trip to the emergency vet hospital.

In recent years, Dr. Hagen has started recommending fast-response drug tests for dogs who have ingested cannabis. This precautionary measure aims to determine if the marijuana was contaminated or laced with other substances. Unfortunately, the tests have revealed instances where cannabis was not the only substance detected. Barbiturates and even cocaine have been found in some cases.

Dr. Hagen admits that the increasing incidence of contaminated cannabis is a cause for concern. While the exact reasons behind this issue are still unclear, it may be linked to improved drug-testing capabilities and increased usage of other substances. Regardless of the cause, it is evident that the risk posed to dogs by ingesting contaminated cannabis has escalated.

Veterinary treatment and concerns about contamination

Parksville Resident Upset After Dog Gets Sick from Discarded Cannabis in Park
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The prevalence of dogs becoming ill after ingesting discarded cannabis has long been a problem. However, the recent incidents in Springwood Park have highlighted the urgent need for action. Pet owners like Cindy Hornung are frustrated and worried about the safety of their canine companions.

In light of these concerns, it is essential to explore potential reasons for the increase in contaminated cannabis. Identifying the root cause of this issue is crucial in preventing further harm to animals, as well as holding those responsible accountable.

Potential reasons for an increase in contaminated cannabis

At present, the exact reasons for the increase in contaminated cannabis remain unclear. However, experts suggest that it could be a result of better drug-testing capabilities and increased usage of other substances. It is essential to conduct further research to determine the factors contributing to this problem.

Moreover, authorities and law enforcement agencies should step up efforts to address the production, distribution, and sale of contaminated cannabis. Stricter regulations and quality control measures should be implemented to ensure the safety of consumers, both human and animal.

Frustration with the current situation

Cindy Hornung’s frustration with the current situation is understandable. She moved into the neighborhood primarily to enjoy the nearby trails and spend quality time with her dog at Springwood Park. However, the recurring incidents of her dog falling ill due to ingesting discarded cannabis have left her feeling concerned and upset.

As a responsible pet owner, Hornung believes that immediate action is necessary to address the issue. She suggests that the city of Parksville should consider implementing a smoking ban in the park, as well as increasing lighting to deter illicit activities during nighttime hours.

Desire for a smoking ban in the park

In light of the recent incidents involving pets falling ill after ingesting discarded cannabis, there is a growing call for a smoking ban in Springwood Park. Cindy Hornung believes that prohibiting smoking in the park would significantly reduce the risk of pets coming into contact with discarded cannabis joints.

A smoking ban would not only contribute to the overall safety and well-being of park visitors but also protect the environment from the harmful effects of littering. Implementing such a ban requires the cooperation of the city and park authorities, as well as the support and understanding of park visitors and the community as a whole.

Request for increased lighting in the park

Another concern raised by Hornung is the need for increased lighting in Springwood Park. Insufficient lighting during nighttime hours contributes to a sense of insecurity and facilitates illicit activities, including drug use and careless disposal of cannabis joints.

By installing additional lights throughout the park, park authorities can deter individuals from engaging in illegal activities and dumping their garbage improperly. Adequate lighting not only enhances the overall safety and enjoyment of the park but also fosters a sense of community and discourages antisocial behavior.

Issues with people parking and dumping garbage in the park

Cindy Hornung’s frustration does not end with the ingestion of cannabis by her dog. She is also upset about the behavior of some park visitors who park their vehicles and spend the day engaging in illegal activities such as smoking cannabis and indiscriminately dumping their garbage in the park’s bins.

This behavior not only undermines the cleanliness and aesthetics of the park but also poses a threat to the well-being of wildlife and domestic animals who may accidentally ingest discarded garbage. To address this issue, park authorities need to establish more stringent regulations, enforce proper waste disposal practices, and deter individuals from engaging in unlawful activities.

City’s response and bylaws regarding smoking in public spaces

Parksville Resident Upset After Dog Gets Sick from Discarded Cannabis in Park

According to the City of Parksville, there is currently no bylaw prohibiting smoking in public spaces, including Springwood Park. However, it is crucial for the city to carefully consider the concerns raised by residents like Cindy Hornung and take appropriate action to address the issue.

The safety and well-being of park visitors, including their pets, should be a top priority for the city. By implementing a smoking ban in Springwood Park, the city can demonstrate its commitment to fostering a safe and inclusive environment for all residents and visitors.

Community reactions and potential solutions

The recent incidents involving pets falling ill after ingesting cannabis have sparked a strong reaction from the community. Pet owners like Cindy Hornung are calling for immediate action to ensure the safety of their beloved animals.

To address the issue effectively, it is crucial for the community to come together and collaborate with park authorities and the city. The community can play a vital role by raising awareness about the dangers of discarded cannabis, advocating for a smoking ban in the park, and promoting responsible waste disposal practices.

Additionally, educational initiatives and outreach programs can be organized to inform pet owners and the general public about the potential risks associated with cannabis ingestion by animals. By working together, the community can create a safer and more enjoyable environment for everyone in Springwood Park.



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