Couche-Tard Bows out of Canadian Cannabis Partnership


In a recent announcement, Circle K owner, Alimentation Couche-Tard, revealed that it is no longer involved in the Canadian cannabis industry. The company shared during its latest earnings call that it has exited its partnership with Fire & Flower Holdings Corp., a Canadian cannabis company. This decision comes after Couche-Tard’s subsidiary was unsuccessful in its bid to acquire Fire & Flower, which eventually led to the company being acquired by Fika Cannabis. While the end of the Fire & Flower partnership doesn’t necessarily mean that Circle K is done with cannabis altogether, it does mark a significant shift in Couche-Tard’s involvement in the Canadian cannabis market.

Losses Recorded in Couche-Tard’s Ownership Interest in Fire & Flower

Background of Couche-Tard’s Investment in Fire & Flower

If you’re a follower of the cannabis industry, you may have heard about the recent losses that convenience-store retailer Alimentation Couche-Tard has recorded in its ownership interest in Fire & Flower Holdings Corp. Couche-Tard, the owner of Circle K stores, made a strategic investment in Fire & Flower in 2019, with hopes of expanding into the cannabis market. However, things did not go as planned, and Couche-Tard has now exited its partnership with Fire & Flower. In this article, we’ll explore the background of Couche-Tard’s investment, the restructuring and bankruptcy of Fire & Flower, and the implications of this exit for Circle K’s involvement in the cannabis industry.

Fire & Flower Restructuring and Bankruptcy

In June of this year, Fire & Flower began a formal restructuring process and filed for bankruptcy. The company cited financial difficulties and a challenging operating environment as reasons for this move. The Ontario Superior Court of Justice approved a sale and investment solicitation process, in which one of Couche-Tard’s subsidiaries acted as a stalking horse bidder. However, Couche-Tard was ultimately unsuccessful in its bid, and Fire & Flower was instead acquired by Toronto-based Fika Cannabis on September 15. This acquisition resulted in the repayment of Fire & Flower’s loans, including a debtor-in-possession loan from Couche-Tard, and the cancellation of Couche-Tard’s ownership interest in the company.

Acquisition of Fire & Flower by Fika Cannabis

With the acquisition of Fire & Flower by Fika Cannabis, the ownership landscape of the cannabis industry has shifted. Fika Cannabis, a cannabis company based in Toronto, saw an opportunity to acquire Fire & Flower and take advantage of its established network of retail stores. Fire & Flower currently operates over 90 corporate-owned stores across Canada, making it an attractive acquisition target for Fika Cannabis. With this acquisition, Fika Cannabis has expanded its presence in the cannabis market and gained a competitive edge.

Repayment of Fire & Flower’s Loans

One of the significant implications of Fire & Flower’s acquisition by Fika Cannabis is the repayment of its loans. Fire & Flower had accumulated significant debt, including a debtor-in-possession loan from Couche-Tard. With the acquisition, Fika Cannabis was able to repay these loans, relieving Fire & Flower of its financial burden. This is a positive development for Fire & Flower and allows the company to move forward with a fresh start under Fika Cannabis’ ownership.

Implications for Circle K’s Involvement in Cannabis

Now that Couche-Tard has exited its partnership with Fire & Flower, many may wonder what this means for Circle K’s involvement in the cannabis industry. Despite the setback with Fire & Flower, Couche-Tard is not done with cannabis. In fact, the company has announced plans to collaborate with Green Thumb Industries Inc., a Chicago-based cannabis company and owner of Rise Dispensaries. Together, they will roll out approximately 10 Rise Express-branded medical cannabis dispensaries adjacent to Circle K convenience stores in several Florida locations. This move demonstrates Couche-Tard’s continued interest in the cannabis market and its commitment to exploring new opportunities in the industry.

Rollout of Rise Express-branded Medical Cannabis Dispensaries

The rollout of Rise Express-branded medical cannabis dispensaries is an exciting development for both Circle K and Green Thumb Industries Inc. This collaboration allows Circle K to leverage its existing convenience store footprint and provide convenient access to medical cannabis for customers. The Rise Express dispensaries will be located adjacent to Circle K stores, creating a one-stop-shop experience for customers. This strategic partnership not only benefits Circle K by diversifying its product offerings but also provides Green Thumb Industries Inc. with an expanded retail presence.

Couche-Tard’s Response to Status of the Project

As of now, there has been no official response from Couche-Tard regarding the status of the Rise Express-branded medical cannabis dispensaries project. We can assume that the company is still moving forward with its plans, considering the potential benefits this collaboration can bring. However, it is always important to stay updated on the latest news from Couche-Tard regarding the project’s progress.

Overview of Fire & Flower and Circle K

Couche-Tard Exits Canadian Cannabis Partnership

Fire & Flower is a cannabis and consumer retail and technology platform with a network of over 90 corporate-owned stores in Canada. The company aims to provide a premium retail experience for customers and leverage its proprietary retail operations model. On the other hand, Circle K is a retail brand owned by Alimentation Couche-Tard, a convenience-store retailer based in Laval, Quebec. With over 14,400 stores across 25 countries and territories, Couche-Tard is a major player in the global convenience-store industry. The partnership between Fire & Flower and Circle K was initially seen as a promising opportunity to combine their respective strengths and expand into the cannabis market.


The recent losses recorded by Couche-Tard in its ownership interest in Fire & Flower highlight the challenges and risks associated with investing in the cannabis industry. However, this setback does not deter Couche-Tard from exploring new opportunities in cannabis. The collaboration with Green Thumb Industries Inc. to roll out Rise Express-branded medical cannabis dispensaries demonstrates the company’s ongoing commitment to the industry. As Circle K continues to evolve and adapt to changing consumer demands, it will be interesting to see how its involvement in the cannabis market unfolds. With both Fire & Flower and Rise Express dispensaries, Couche-Tard remains a player to watch in the rapidly expanding cannabis industry.



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