Cannabis Legalization: Two-Thirds of GOP Voters Now in Favor


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A significant shift in attitudes towards cannabis within the Republican party

A recent survey conducted by a conservative advocacy group has revealed that two-thirds of Republican voters are in favor of cannabis legalization. The study, which was commissioned by the American Conservative Union (ACU), found that 68% of GOP voters believe that cannabis should be legalized, taxed, and regulated.

Economic benefits of cannabis legalization cannabis may be driving the change in public opinion

This marks a significant shift in attitudes towards cannabis within the Republican party. Just five years ago, only 42% of GOP voters supported legalization. The study’s authors suggest that the change in public opinion may be driven by the economic benefits of legalizing cannabis, such as increased tax revenue and job creation.

Support for cannabis legalization highest among young Republicans, but even older voters are in favor

The survey also found that support for legalization was highest among young Republicans, with 79% of voters aged 18-34 in favor of legalizing cannabis. However, even among older Republican voters, there was significant support for legalization, with 57% of voters aged 55 and over supporting legalization.

Republican leadership has been slow to embrace cannabis legalization

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Majority of Republican voters support legalization

Despite this growing support among Republican voters, the party’s leadership has been slow to embrace cannabis legalization. Only a handful of Republican lawmakers have publicly endorsed legalization, and many continue to oppose it. However, advocates for legalization hope that the survey’s findings will encourage more Republican lawmakers to reconsider their stance on the issue.

Cannabis reform is a bipartisan issue, with growing support from both parties

In conclusion, the ACU survey shows that support for cannabis legalization is no longer limited to Democratic voters. With two-thirds of Republican voters in favor of legalization, it is clear that cannabis reform is a bipartisan issue. As more states move to legalize cannabis, and as public opinion continues to shift, it is likely that more lawmakers will follow suit and support legalization at the federal level.


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