Biden’s False Claims about Marijuana Pardons and Expunged Records


Overview of Biden’s claims during a campaign speech

Marijuana Pardons: In a recent campaign speech, President Joe Biden once again misrepresented the impact of his pardons for marijuana offenses, falsely suggesting that his act of clemency expunged records and resulted in the release of prisoners. While the presidential pardon does offer formal forgiveness from the government, it does not erase the criminal record. Additionally, no prisoners were actually released as a result of Biden’s pardons. While advocates continue to push for further action on decriminalization and reform, it remains to be seen how the Biden administration will address these issues. Nevertheless, it is clear that Biden recognizes the political popularity of marijuana reform, as he continues to tout his mass cannabis pardon on the campaign trail.

Misunderstanding of the practical effects of a presidential pardon

It’s important to clarify what a presidential pardon represents. A presidential pardon symbolizes formal forgiveness from the government; however, it does not expunge the record. Despite Biden’s suggestion that records will be expunged, this is not the case. The pardon acts as forgiveness, but individuals still retain a criminal record. It’s crucial to debunk this misconception to provide accurate information to the public.

Number of people who have received pardons for federal marijuana possession offenses

Bidens False Claims about Marijuana Pardons and Expunged Records
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Thousands of individuals have received pardons for federal marijuana possession offenses. This was made possible through a couple of proclamations issued in 2022 and last month. The Justice Department has taken steps to distribute certificates to eligible individuals who apply for this symbolic document. It’s essential to highlight the efforts made to grant pardons and acknowledge the progress that has been achieved in this regard.

Difference between pardon and expungement of records

To further understand the implications of pardons, it is crucial to differentiate between a pardon and the expungement of records. A pardon signifies forgiveness for an offense, but the individual’s criminal record remains intact. On the other hand, expungement involves the removal or sealing of a criminal record, effectively eliminating it from public view. It’s important to clarify this distinction to prevent any confusion surrounding Biden’s claims.

No one released from prison as a result of the pardons

Contrary to Biden’s suggestion, no one was released from prison as a direct result of the marijuana pardons. While these pardons offered forgiveness for federal marijuana possession offenses, they did not lead to any individuals being released from prison. It is crucial to provide accurate information and address any misconceptions arising from Biden’s statement.

Rare federal prosecutions for possession alone

Federal prosecutions for possession alone are relatively uncommon. It is essential to highlight this fact to provide a broader context and dispel any misconceptions regarding the severity of federal punishments for marijuana possession offenses. While federal prosecutions may occur for non-violent marijuana offenses, it is important to focus on the specific impact of possession alone when discussing the issue.

Advocates’ push for more action from the Biden administration

Bidens False Claims about Marijuana Pardons and Expunged Records

Advocates have been urging the Biden administration to take further action regarding marijuana-related offenses. They emphasize the need to fulfill Biden’s campaign pledge to decriminalize marijuana and call for more significant efforts from his administration. It is crucial to acknowledge these calls for action, as they reflect the desires and demands of a significant portion of the population.

Biden’s stance on decriminalization and ongoing administrative review

While President Biden has not shown a willingness to promote decriminalization during his first three years in office, an administrative review into cannabis scheduling is ongoing. This review, initiated by Biden, involves the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) recommending the reclassification of marijuana from Schedule I to Schedule III of the Controlled Substances Act (CSA). The final decision rests with the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA). By mentioning this ongoing review and the potential implications of reclassification, Biden acknowledges the political popularity of marijuana reform.

Political popularity of marijuana reform and potential impact on Biden’s favorability

The political popularity of marijuana reform cannot be ignored. Recent polls have indicated that Biden’s favorability rating could significantly increase if his scheduling directive leads to the reclassification of marijuana under federal law. The potential swing in favorability is especially noticeable among young voters aged 18-25, who are crucial for Biden’s reelection bid. This data suggests that Biden’s support for marijuana reform could have a positive impact on his public image and favorability.

Withdrawal of an interstate marijuana trade lawsuit by an Oregon company

Bidens False Claims about Marijuana Pardons and Expunged Records

In recent news, an Oregon company has withdrawn its interstate marijuana trade lawsuit, citing the anticipation of “big things” in the industry. This development adds to the ongoing discussion surrounding marijuana legalization and interstate trade. While not directly related to Biden’s claims about marijuana pardons and expunged records, it highlights the evolving landscape of marijuana policy and the potential implications for businesses and individuals involved in the industry.

In conclusion, it is essential to address the misconceptions surrounding Biden’s claims about marijuana pardons and expunged records. By clarifying the practical effects of a presidential pardon, highlighting the number of people who have received pardons, and distinguishing between pardon and expungement, we can provide accurate information to the public. Furthermore, by acknowledging the ongoing push for more action from the Biden administration, his stance on decriminalization, and the political popularity of marijuana reform, we can assess the potential impact on Biden’s favorability. Ultimately, staying informed about these issues is crucial as we navigate the ever-evolving landscape of marijuana policy in the United States.



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