Bahamas Introduces Legislation to Establish Medical Cannabis Industry


bahamas introduces legislation to establish medical cannabis industry

The Bahamas is making significant strides towards establishing a medical cannabis industry with the introduction of a package of legislation. The proposed legislation, consisting of 11 bills, aims to decriminalize cannabis for medical, research, and religious purposes, as well as create a legal framework for a local medical marijuana industry. The move comes after the country’s Economic Recovery Committee recommended the establishment of a regulatory body to oversee the production, wholesale, and retail of cannabis. The primary goals of the legislation are to address medical demand, create economic opportunities, and provide relief to Bahamian patients suffering from chronic and painful diseases. The proposed laws would also prioritize Bahamian ownership in most local businesses, with limited foreign investment options. Overall, the Bahamas is taking a proactive approach to tap into the potential benefits of a regulated medical cannabis industry.

Legislation Introduction

The Bahamas has recently introduced a package of legislation aimed at decriminalizing cannabis for medical, research, and religious purposes, as well as establishing a legal medical marijuana industry. This package of legislation, consisting of 11 bills, is a significant step towards creating a framework for local cannabis production to meet demand and promote economic opportunities. The announcement from the Prime Minister’s Office highlights the country’s commitment to addressing the potential benefits of cannabis in various sectors.


The recommendation to establish a legal medical cannabis industry in the Bahamas comes from the Economic Recovery Committee, which called for the creation of a regulatory body to oversee businesses engaged in the production, wholesale, and retail of cannabis products. Recognizing the growing interest in cannabis as a potential economic driver, the government responded to the committee’s recommendation by introducing the package of legislation. The goal is to create a robust and regulated industry that adheres to international standards and guidelines.

Cannabis Bill 2023

At the heart of the legislative package is the Cannabis Bill 2023, which aims to achieve several primary goals. First and foremost, the bill seeks to decriminalize cannabis for medical and therapeutic use, recognizing its potential in providing relief for individuals facing various chronic and painful diseases and conditions. By removing the legal barriers associated with cannabis, the bill aims to improve access to medical treatments and therapies involving cannabis products.

Another key aspect of the Cannabis Bill 2023 is its focus on economic benefits. The legislation will establish a licensing system for different categories of licenses, including cultivation, manufacturing, transport, research, retail distribution, and analytical testing. This framework will provide opportunities for businesses to enter the industry and contribute to the growth of the local economy.

Licensing System

The licensing system outlined in the proposed legislation will allow for the creation of a diverse and regulated cannabis industry. Different categories of licenses will be available, covering various aspects of the supply chain. Cultivation licenses will enable individuals or entities to cultivate cannabis plants, while manufacturing licenses will allow for the processing and production of cannabis products. Transport licenses will facilitate the movement of cannabis and related products, ensuring safe and efficient distribution. Research licenses will be available for institutions or organizations conducting scientific studies related to cannabis. Retail distribution licenses will enable businesses to sell cannabis products to consumers, while analytical testing licenses will ensure the proper testing and quality control of cannabis products.

Ownership Restrictions

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To prioritize and support local businesses, the proposed legislation includes ownership restrictions. The majority of the licenses, including cultivation and retail, will be reserved for 100% Bahamian-owned businesses. This provision ensures that the economic benefits of the cannabis industry remain within the country and support the growth of local entrepreneurs and communities. However, there will be limited opportunities for foreign investors, allowing them to own up to 70% of businesses related to analytical testing, manufacturing, and research. This balanced approach aims to encourage both local participation and foreign investment in the industry.

Creation of Cannabis Authority

To effectively regulate and oversee the cannabis industry, the legislation proposes the establishment of a Cannabis Authority. This authority will have a crucial role in ensuring compliance with regulations, issuing licenses, and monitoring the activities of cannabis businesses. By centralizing the oversight and regulation of the industry, the Cannabis Authority will maintain consistency and promote best practices throughout the sector. This regulatory body will work in collaboration with other relevant government agencies to ensure the safe and responsible growth of the industry.

Potential Economic Opportunities

The legalization and regulation of the medical cannabis industry in the Bahamas have the potential to create significant economic opportunities. The establishment of cannabis-related businesses will lead to job creation, both directly and indirectly. From cultivation and manufacturing to retail and distribution, numerous positions will be available, ranging from entry-level positions to highly skilled roles. This growth in employment opportunities will stimulate the local economy, contributing to the overall economic development of the country. Additionally, the industry will attract domestic and international investments, further boosting economic growth and diversification.

Impact on Healthcare

One of the key benefits of the legislation is improved access to medical cannabis for patients in need. The decriminalization and regulation of cannabis for medical purposes will remove barriers to treatment options and provide individuals with alternative methods for managing their conditions. Medical professionals will have the opportunity to explore the potential of cannabis as a therapeutic option, potentially expanding the range of treatments available to patients. By incorporating cannabis into healthcare practices, the legislation aims to enhance the quality of care and improve patients’ overall well-being.

International Relations

The establishment of a legal medical cannabis industry in the Bahamas also presents opportunities for international relations. The potential for foreign investment in the cannabis industry can foster partnerships and collaborations with other countries. Sharing knowledge, expertise, and resources can contribute to the growth and development of the industry both domestically and globally. Additionally, the Bahamas may explore potential trade opportunities related to cannabis products, expanding its reach and influence in the international market.


In conclusion, the introduction of the package of legislation for the medical cannabis industry in the Bahamas marks a significant step towards unlocking the potential benefits of cannabis. Through decriminalization, regulation, and the establishment of a licensing system, the legislation aims to provide relief for patients, stimulate economic growth, and create job opportunities. The creation of a Cannabis Authority will ensure proper oversight and regulation, while international relations can be strengthened through partnerships and trade opportunities. By embracing the medical cannabis industry, the Bahamas demonstrates its commitment to improving healthcare options and promoting economic development.



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